Pre-Sale Support

Support for your project is a priority at Whyman Controls Limited  Through our product configurators, many of your support needs have already been addressed by implementing strong electrical engineering into your selections. We are proud and confident in stating that any configuration made on our site is verified by our engineers as correct and is electrically sound.

During Sale Process

Once a project is initiated, we encourage customers to visit in-person during production, adding reassurance and quality to control in the process.

When travel isn’t feasible, Whyman Controls Limited  will gladly provide status updates, progress photographs, or any additional metrics to enhance customer confidence and satisfaction.

After Sale Continued Support

Even after the purchase, Customers of Whyman Controls Limited can expect superior support for their needs. Whether troubleshooting over the phone or email, going on-site for commissioning or field service, our staff of Electrical Engineers, Assemblymen, Drive Specialists and Electricians know how crucial down time can be to a business’ bottom line.

We strive to minimize downtime and have your operations resume promptly. Service after the sale is just as important to us as the service leading up to the sale.